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The TEMPUS FUSE project is delighted to announce that the Otto-Friedrich University in Bamberg, Germany, has decided to provide a number of scholarships for students studying at the RS academic instituions in the project Consortium (namely UNS, UB, UNIKG, UNI, COT and SUNP) for completing the winter semester 2015 / 2016 at the given university.

The news about this exceptional opportunity for Serbian students was announced at the WP3 Training Meeting held at Belgrade University on 28 and 29 May 2015, by Dr. Andreas Weihe, the Director of the UNIBA International Office.

Each of the given partner universities is to conduct a procedure in which it will select a number of nominees for the scholarship, whereas it is the UNIBA itself that will decide which exact candidates will be chosen.

As far as the UNI is concerned, the news about this exceptional opportunity was published yesterday on the UNI website, for all the UNI students to see and if they wish to - apply.

On behalf of the entire project Consortium, the UNI FUSE team wishes to express its utmost gratitude to the representatives of UNIBA for this exceptinally generous offer.