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The UNI FUSE team is very glad to announce that the final FUSE Dissemination Meeting entitled INTERNATIONALIZATION IN RS HIGHER EDUCATION – WHERE WE ARE AND WHERE WE WANT TO BE was held in Belgrade on 24 November, 2016. It was co-organized with the SIPUS (Strengthening of Internationalization Policies at Universities in Serbia) TEMPUS project and hosted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia (MESTD).

The objectives of the meeting were as follows:

  • presenting the general and specific results of the FUSE TEMPUS project;
  • presenting the general and specific results of the SIPUS TEMPUS project;
  • contextualizing those results in view of further work to be done in internationalization-related matters at RS HEIs in the future;
  • presenting the students’ experience in internationalization-related matters at RS HEIs;
  • presenting the experience of several EU partners in internationalisation issues of relevance for Serbia;
  • giving an opportunity for the National TEMPUS / ERASMUS+ Foundation to present its views on the aims of internationalization at RS HEIs;
  • giving an opportunity to various stakeholders interested in internationalization-related matters within and outside both projects to get an overview of the results achieved in the area so far and of the plans for the future period.

The meeting was attended by as many as 166 persons from the institutions involved in both given projects, from the National TEMPUS / ERASMUS+ Foundation, and from a number of universities and colleges in Serbia not participating in any of the projects.

The Agendas of the Meeting (in both Serbian and English) are available HERE.

The UNI FUSE team wishes to thank all the colleagues within the FUSE and the SIPUS TEMPUS projects as well as in the MESTD who have helped organize the meeting, as well as all those who have attended the meeting.

See some photos from the meeting.