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The FUSE team is exceptionally glad to announce that RS partner HEIs have successfully conducted a course entitled ENGLISH LANGUAGE FOR ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF IN HIGHER EDUCATION - ELEMENTARY LEVEL at their respective institutions in October and November 2016.

The course was developed and organized within the Activity 4.3 (Improving conditions for the development of English language skills in university administrative staff).

The course is based on a course book especially made for administrative staff in charge of receiving and communicating with incoming students (http://fuse.ni.ac.rs/news/214-english-in-higher-education-administration-elementary-course-book).

The course aimed to develop English language skills among administrative staff working with international students and researchers at international offices and student services at universities, faculties and colleges in Serbia.

The course was realized at five Serbian partner universities.

english language for administrative staff

The total number of course participants was 113 (90 female and 23 male): 32 from the University of Niš, 25 from the University of Belgrade, 26 from the University of Kragujevac, 10 from the State University of Novi Pazar, and 20 from the University of Novi Sad.

At the end of the course, the participants were given a chance to evaluate the course using a questionnaire.

The course did not only meet the original plan to develop a model of English-for-specific-purposes courses for university  administrative  staff, but surpassed  it  by  providing  concrete language classes for the given target group.

The questionnaire results have shown that all course participants were extremely satisfied  with it and expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity  to  improve  the  language  skills  directly  needed  for  their  profession.  We hope that this fact will enable the organization of similar courses in the future.

An exhaustive report on the matter is available at http://fuse.ni.ac.rs/documents/category/51-joint-outputs as well as on the MNGT platform (http://mngt.fuse.ni.ac.rs/projects/wp4/dmsf?folder_id=110). All the other materials related to the given course and its realization at the 5 given institutions (the attendance lists, the questionnaire, the results of the questionnaire) are also available on the given link on the MNGT platform.

The UNI FUSE team wishes to thank all the colleagues who have in any way contributed to the successful realization of the course - the course developers, the staff giving the course, the attendees and the staff involved in technical support.

Download The Course(book) promo-flyer.

updated 1 March, 2017

On 27 February, 2017, the University of Novi Sad organized a formal distribution of certificates to the attendees of the course in English language for administrative staff.

The certificates were presented by the UNS Rector - prof. Dušan Nikolić, at the UNS Rectorate Building. 

The course participants and the course organizers all expressed their satisfaction with the results and their hope that such courses would be offered not only at elementary but also at higher levels (B1 onwards) in the future as well. 

The news posted about the event on the UNS website is available here: http://www.uns.ac.rs/index.php/vesti-2/3034-fuse-sertifikati

A joint photo and a certificate sample are available below.

english language for administrative staff 2


english language for administrative staff certificate