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The FUSE team is extremely glad to announce that EMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) Training Courses for university and college academic staff have been successfully prepared and implemented at various RS HEIs in the FUSE project.

This was done within the Activity 4.2 - Developing and adopting guidelines for providing language support to teaching staff.

This was an intensive, specialized course intended for teachers at universities and colleges who teach or are going to teach  their  courses in English. It combines language and methodology elements carefully selected to meet their needs and to support their teaching in English.

emi training course

The course material is available at: http://mngt.fuse.ni.ac.rs/projects/wp4/dmsf.

Beside the written material, the course also includes two videos, also prepared within the FUSE project, available here: http://fuse.ni.ac.rs/news/200-fuse-related-videos-on-the-web and on YouTube.

The course was realized at three Serbian partner universities - UNI, BU and UNIKG, as well as at the  College  of  Tourism  (COT), – Belgrade, while UNS and SUNP have opted to distribute the materials to their academic staff for self-study. In addition, the EMI course given at COT was also attended by HEI teaching staff outside the project consortium.

A total number of teaching staff involved in the EMI training course at the 4 given institutions was 62 (47 female and 15 male participants):  21 from the University of Niš, 8 from the University of Belgrade, 18 from  the University of Kragujevac, and 15 from the College of Tourism – Belgrade.

After the course was completed, the participants filled out a questionnaire (available at  http://mngt.fuse.ni.ac.rs/projects/wp4/dmsf?folder_id=111).

The results of the questionnaire show that this  course was greatly appreciated by all course  participants,  who  had  an  opportunity to be  provided with both methodology and  language knowledge required for successful teaching academic courses in English. The participants were thoroughly satisfied with the content of the course material, the types of activities they were involved in during the course and with the presentations they had at the final  session of the course,  which  encouraged them to apply for  teaching academic courses in English at their faculties. They also suggested that this course should be extended   (8  – 10  sessions)  and  organized  at  least  once a year so that  a larger number of academic  staff can be  nvolved. The FUSE team hopes that this will indeed be the case and that similar courses will be organized upon completion of the FUSE project as well.

A comprehensive report on the course held at the given institutions, the attendance lists of participants, are also available on the MNGT platform.

Generally speaking, the team involved in carrying out the given activity (4.2) has thus not simply developed and adopted guidelines  for  providing  language support to teaching staff at Serbian partner universities, but has managed to put such guidelines into practice during the very course of the project, which was not envisioned originally. Therefore, the FUSE team wishes to thank all the colleagues who have developed the course and put it into practice, as well as, naturally, the attendees and the staff involved in technical support.