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The UNI FUSE team is very glad to announce that the University of Niš, Serbia, and Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, have signed an inter-institutional agreement within Erasmus+ KA1 that will enable mobilities between the two institutions.

As Masaryk University is one of our EU partners in the FUSE project, the signing of this agreement at least partly represents a result of excellent cooperation established between the two universities during the course of the project.

Similar inter-institutional agreements have already been signed between some other RS HEIs in the FUSE consortium, on the one hand, and some other EU partners in the Consortium, namely Otto-Friedrich University in Bamberg, Germany (http://www.fuse.ni.ac.rs/news/197-the-student-mobility-erasmus-scheme-between-uniba-and-fuse-rs-hei-partners-shortlisted-as-an-example-of-best-practice-in-germany-in-daad-s-annual-report-for-2015), as well as Middlesex University, London, UK (http://fuse.ni.ac.rs/news/180-middlesex-university-erasmus-staff-mobility-scholarships), on the other hand.

The first call for applications for student and academic staff mobilities at UNI is scheduled to start in December 2016 and end in February 2017.

Such agreements and their successful implementation serve as a guarantee of sustainability of project results, especially in the area dealt with in WP1 - Developing administrative and legal conditions for improved university support services and procedures, in this case in the area of individual staff and student mobility.

The UNI FUSE team wishes to express its utmost gratitude to our colleagues from Masaryk University in Brno for their support.

ADDED ON 22/12/2016

As planned, the Call for Applications for student and teaching staff mobilities to be realized at Masaryk University in Brno within Erasmus+ opened yesterday (21 December, 2016) and lasts till 12 February, 2017.

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